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Design in Box


Design in Box strives to offer smartly designed and affordable designer furniture and home accessories. High quality furniture to make memories generation after generation. A timeless design that makes our products will look perfect in any interior.

Through the generations

Our story begins with the memory of grandfather Gijs van der Sluis, furniture maker and designer. He focused his designs on "contemporary and functional" and emphasized timeless. His passion and dedication are still an example for our family. Now the third generation of furniture makers.

Grandpa Gijs' designs have proven so timeless that they still fit into any interior. That's why we continue his vision with Design in Box. Cleverly designed vintage design furniture like a sofa by the dining table, fitting our time, ready for the next generations! High-quality furniture to make memories generation after generation.

We are committed to the "new sustainable" with the mission of making the life of each design as long as possible and reducing the waste heap.

Our vision

Our furniture is cleverly designed so it is easy to (dis)assemble and can be shipped to you in a compact box with as little air as possible. Assembly is very easy and in a few steps you will be finished quickly.

Our fabrics are strong and easy to clean. Would you still like to replace a part, for example to give your interior a new look with a different color or to form a whole with new furniture? This can be done quickly and easily in our webshop.

Thus, we are committed to the "new sustainable" with the conscious mission of making the life of each design as long as possible and further reducing the waste heap.

Our practices and processes


By coming up with smart and practical solutions for our products, we limit our "footprint" on the earth. We strive to design each product in such a way that it can easily be shipped to you in as compact a box as possible. Also, thanks to our smart solutions, it is possible to easily replace specific parts so that our furniture can last for years. By doing so, we reduce the consumption of raw materials and contribute to less waste. Moreover, our products are easy to separate so that they can be almost 100% recycled.


We choose durable materials in our furniture. Materials that are durable in production and long lasting. For example, our fabric collection is composed of only sustainable fabrics (Fabraa) and in terms of wood we work mainly with oak and oak veneer. Together with you, we hope to take a step towards a better environment for future generations. 


We strive to produce as locally and efficiently as possible. 99% of our production and suppliers are located in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. We only cooperate with producers and suppliers who are themselves active in the field of sustainability and innovative production techniques. In this way we hope to further reduce our "footprint" and contribute to a more sustainable future for our children and grandchildren.


An important part of our concept! Our box, our packaging. We do our best to make our packaging 100% sustainable and recyclable. Our packaging is plastic-free and produced from sustainable cardboard. We also use only paper tape and as little printing/ink as possible. When we deliver and assemble our products to you, we make sure to take the packaging back with us. We will reuse or recycle these.  


Our smart solutions contribute to less transport volume. This significantly reduces CO2 emissions. This gives us great advantages in our sourcing. Transport volume is very important in the furniture industry. We want to reduce this as much as possible by continuing to innovate. We also choose our logistics partners based on their contribution to a more sustainable world (electric vehicles, etc.). 

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